The Monogatari series official website has announced that their upcoming Hanamonogatari anime will be postponed until August 16, 2014.


Aniplex has previously announced in Anime Japan last March that Hanamonogatari will be shown in five parts for five consecutive weeks starting May 31, 2014.


However, with its postponement, the anime’s five parts will now all be shown in “one fell swoop” on August 16. So instead of five episodes for five weeks, we get to see all five episodes in just one day.


Hanamonogatari will focus on the mischievous (and often perverted) lesbian basketball sensation, Suuruga Kanbaru. Hanamonogatari was originally planned to be part of the Monogatari series second season TV anime show, but was excluded from it in the end as the producers had trouble squeezing it into the show’s 26-episode (“two cours” or half-a-year airing schedule) format, according to Aniplex’s Iwakami Atsuhiro.

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Source: Monogatari official


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