Looks like the anticipation for Bandai Namco’s new [email protected] One For All game for the PlayStation 3 was really high as several people and shops in Japan have reported sell outs for the game during the first day of sales.


Popular videogame shops in Japan like Wonder Goo have tweeted that the game has already sold out. Here are the tweets from their Koshigaya and Tsukaba stores, both of which have reported that [email protected]: One For All is already sold out in their shops.

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Several fans have also posted images from the various shops and reported the same thing, that the game was already sold out in several stores. All you can see are empty shelves and sold out signs. This speaks of how high the anticipation really was for the game and how fans just cannot wait to play it.

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Several other people tweeted that many video game stores in Japan from Shinjuku to Sapporo have already been sold out. Here’s a screenshot of how many people who were too late to buy the game:


The [email protected] One For All was just released in Japan yesterday, May 15, 2014 and that was when the game was sold out. A limited edition game version as well as some special [email protected] PlayStation 3 controllers will also be released simultaneously. The game also had several DLC’s which include guest idols Ranko Kanzaki and Serika Hakozaki as well as special costumes.

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