Famitsu has revealed that 765 Pro from [email protected] will be experiencing stiff competition from a rival idol named Reon, but who is she? We know she will be voiced by Chihara Minori, but what more? [email protected] general producer Youzou Sakagami has revealed some new information about this mysterious new idol in [email protected]’s official blog.


Sakagami has revealed that Reon is the world’s top idol and she always claims the stage whenever she performs. She is a natural born idol who appears in the game as the “symbol of the idol world”. Looks like 765 Pro will indeed be having a lot of trouble in facing off with this tough rival. Looks like “producers” really have to increase the talents of the 765 Pro idols in order to compete with her. They have to reach Rank A, which is the highest idol rank, in order to truly compete with her. Reon truly is a tall order to beat.

The official “One For All Spring Costume Collection” has also been revealed along with a new video which gives a preview of their new song, Dream, along with several of the new costumes and “guest idol”, Ranko Kanzaki from Cinderella Girls. Here are the new DLC costumes which will be available during the release date:

Only My Notes


Star Piece Memories (From the [email protected] movie)


Sunny Jade Vine

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Siren Bikini


Reine Rouge


The [email protected] One For All is scheduled for release on May 15, 2014. A limited edition game version as well as some special [email protected] PlayStation 3 controllers will also be released simultaneously.

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Source: Famitsu and [email protected] blog via Famitsu


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