Japan is known as the land of anime so its pretty certain that there are a lot of anime fans in the country who ain’t afraid to show off their interests in work. One professor in a Japanese university is one anime fan who has incorporated his interest with work as he featured a couple of anime characters in his lectures. Guess who this one is…


Looks like Lucky Star’s resident tsundere, Kagami Hiiragi was featured in this image taken from the lecture by one of the students. He also used Frenda Seivelun from A Certain series in his lectures.


However, the professor seems to have gotten wind of the image which was posted in the student’s twitter page. This is how the professor got his revenge:


Looks like the anime professor got the last laugh. The student on the other hand admitted that he and his anime-loving professor are now friends after he was exposed in class. Well, all’s well that ends well I suppose.

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