Japanese light novels have proven to be very popular among teenagers in Japan with titles like Sword Art Online, OreImo, Haganai, Black Bullet, The Irregular At Magic High School, and many more. However, most popular light novels are more directed towards male readers rather than female.

Japanese TV show R no Hisouku, which is on NTV’s educational channel, takes a look at which Japanese light novels appeal the most to teenage girls, Here are their results:


1) Kagerou Daze


2) Durarara!!


3) Sword Art Online


#1 ranked Kagerou Daze is part of the Kagerou project which includes the Kagerou Days vocaloid songs and manga series as well as the Mekaku City Actors anime. With the anime adaptation currently experiencing much popularity especially among girls, the result is not very surprising.

Durarara!! on the other hand has been popular among girls since it was first released 10 years ago in 2004. #3 ranked Sword Art Online meanwhile proves its not just guys it is popular with, but the girls as well.

The show also asked teenage girls their “liked motives” from the characters in the books. Here are the results:


1) “Warped” personality

2) They aren’t unbearably annouting/ loud

3) They are sadistic

Well, looks like some Japanese teenage girls are a bit masochistic from the results. Well, #1 and #3 seem to very much reflect the person in the image, Durarara!!’s Izaya Orihara.

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