The epic conclusion to the UC saga known as Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 7: Over the Rainbow premiered worldwide in countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. And now, new official images from the Hong Kong and Tokyo premieres have finally surfaced.

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Hong Kong shopping mall, E-Max has released images from their premiere via their official facebook page and they not only feature GunPla but also 1/10 scale models of the Unicorn Gundam and the Unicorn Gundam unit 02 Banshee Norn. Also on display was the Gundam X Reebok collaboration merchandise which include the RX-78-2 and Char’s Zaku II shoes and T-shirts.

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The official website for the Gundam franchise, meanwhile held its premiere in Shinjuku Piccadilly where Full Frontal’s custom Toyota Auris was on display along with several GunPla, including the massive HGUC 1/144 Neo Zeong which measures in at a whopping 86cm in height when fully assembled.

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The theater’s main lobby also held a Gundam UC theme and people got to see the ancient Unicorn tapestry on display. It was featured throughout the anime.

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The limited edition Gundam UC merchandise, which can only be bought during Episode 7’s screenings, also went on sale during the event and fans surely flocked the merchandise area to get their hands on the items.

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The Earth Federation, Neo Zeon, and Vist Foundation logos were also on display along with several Gundam UC artworks and posters.

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Gundam UC director Kazuhiro Furuhashi, screenplay writer Yasuyuki Muto, and light novel author Harutoshi Fukui held a stage event before the movie began. Ken Narita, who voices Bright Noah meanwhile made a surprise appearance to the delight of the crowd.


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