The Nada High School in Tokyo, Japan has recently caught much attention lately, especially among Love Live! fans because the school’s cultural festival held a live performance by all nine members of μ’s… sort of.


The high school celebrated its cultural festival yesterday, May 3, 2014 and promised a live performance by Love Live!’s μ’s, however, things did not turn out as they seemed…


Since today is May the 4th, which is Star Wars Day, let me explain this in Rebel Alliance’s Admiral Ackbar’s most famous words:


Yes, it truly is. These Love Live! trap cosplayers have certainly gained a lot of attention among the series’ fandom as several of the festival-goers tweeted images from their performance.

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The trap μ’s members, “Honoka”, “Umi”, Kotori”, “Eli”, “Nico”, “Nozomi”, “Rin”, “Hanayo”, and “Maki” even posed for photos after their stage performance which certainly gave them a lot of cheering from the crowd.


Awwwwwww… Ain’t that sweet? “Nico” even does “her” famous Nico-nico-niii pose with a fan.


Several people commented that they thought the cosplay was in fact pretty funny and many have also said they got a good laugh out of it. Others on the other hand said it was gross while others praised the cosplayers for being not only brave enough to go on stage, but also brave enough to crossdress in full drag.

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