Tokushima prefecture‘s bi-annual entertainment extravaganza, Machi☆Asobi Vol. 12 kicked off yesterday, May 3, 2014 with a whole lot of anime, cosplays and merchandise. The event had many guests like Love Live! voice actress Sora Tokui who acted as the Tokushima station manager for the event. The event will be held until May 5, 2014.


As expected, the Shinmachi boardwalk along the banks of the Shinmachi river, as well as the Ryugokobashi Park were abuzz with activities as several anime and video game related stalls were set up just for the event.

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The Higashi Shinmachi shopping district hosted several big names for the event like ufotable Cinema which revealed posters of the Fate characters dancing the Tokushima Awa Dance.

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The shopping district also hosted other big names like NAMCO BANDAI Games, Arc System Works, Square Enix and more.

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The Poppo Street Shopping District, which is located near the Tokushima Station, also featured several booths from anime fans as well as official exhibitions from Good Smile Company, ufotable, Bushiroad’s Future Card Buddy Fight and Type Moon Ace.

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And let’s not forget some of the event’s cosplayers

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