The classic mecha anime Macross 7 featured one of the most popular fictional rock bands in anime, Fire Bomber and to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the band will be performing a live concert this October 19, 2014 known as Fire Bomber 2014 Basara Explosion in the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall.

basara live

According to a scene in Macross Frontier, which is set 13 years after the events of Macross 7, Fire Bomber became one of the most influential musical acts in the Macross universe.


Macross 7 will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this October 2014 so it would only be fitting that the band which helped give the series its success do a concert. Fire Bomber consists of lead vocalist Basara Nekki (CV’s: Nobutoshi Hayashi and Yoshiki Fukuyama [singing voice]), Bass and back-up vocalist Mylene Flare Jenius (CV’s: Chie Kajiura and Tomo Sakurai [singing voice]), Keytarist Ray Lovelock (CV: Masashi Sugawara), and drummer Veffidas Feaze (CV: Urara Takano).


This will be quite a historic concert not only for Macross fans everywhere but also old school J-rock fans. Tickets for the concert will cost 7,300 yen.

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Source: Macross official website


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