Men unless with female attendee not allowed in upcoming Sailor Moon EventA special advanced screening taking place on June 30 (Usagi’s birthday) has been announced on the official website of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. But what makes the event interesting is that men are not allowed inside the venue, except for the ones attending with women.

The event is a collaboration between the anime franchise and ViVi, a women’s fashion magazine in Japan. Aside from the advanced screening, the event’s main attractions include ViVi models and “special guests”.

Men, unless with female attendee, not allowed in upcoming Sailor Moon Event2


Perhaps the event might be too girly for a man’s taste so the organisers have decided to exclude men. After all, it’s an event sponsored by a women’s fashion mag.

In related news, the Sailor Moon franchise has collaborated with Korean fashion doll line Pullip. The Pullip Sailor Moon is available for pre-order at the Premium Bandai online store and will be shipped in July. This lovely doll costs 17,280 JPY (about 212 SGD).

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