The PS Vita version of Square Enix‘s popular card-battle mobile game, Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur will be welcoming the characters of Arc System Works’ bestselling 2D fighting game series, Blazblue. This new collaboration will feature the Blazblue characters as Million Arthur cards for a limited time which has already started and will only be implemented until May 21, 2014.


In the collaboration, Blazblue’s Takamagahara has opened the door to the world of Arthurian legend known as Million Arthur. However, a life threatening material known as “Mamoto” (魔素) exists in an alien world between the two realms and they have reached the world of Million Arthur. Players must collect and defeat all 500 “Mamoto” in order to clear this limited-time collaboration event. There will be a special reward given after clearing this collaboration.

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The collaboration also features a limited-time only collection Gacha and players can also get three free collaboration cards featuring either Noel Vermillion or Ragna The Bloodedge.  These three free collaboration cards are available only for the PS Vita version and can be downloaded for free via the PlayStation Store.

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The Collaboration will only be available to the PS Vita game and not the Smartphone game. The Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur PS Vita game has also collaborated with Super Sonico in the past.

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