The heroines of ASCII Mediaworks’ manga magazine Dengeki Daioh have invaded Gamers Akihabara and it is all to celebrate the magazine’s 20 years of publication.


Heroines from MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse’s Yui to A Certain Scientific Railgun’s Misaka Mikoto were all present as they took over Gamers Akihabara and opened the Dengeki Daioh 20th Anniversary museum in the building’s 7th floor.


Last Order, who serves as the female lead for A Certain Scientific Accelerator can be seen greeting customers with a double peace sign. Ain’t she just cute? But just remember, her guardian Accelolicon Accelerator may be near by and you most certainly  don’t want to get on his bad side.


Strawberry Marshmallow’s Miu meanwhile greets visitors with a fish over at the entrance


Inside the museum, guests can view autographed artworks done by the various Dengeki Daioh manga artists like Yotsuba&’s Kiyohiko Azuma and Amari Mawari’s Kuroda BB.

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The museum also had a feature on Shirohime Quest which turns the most popular Japanese castles into moe anime girls. Shirohime Quest is quite similar to DMM’s Kantai Collection, except they are dealing with Japanese castles which have been around even before japan’s warring states era (Sengoku era).


Life size standees of the Dengeki Daioh heroines can also be seen inside the museum. Here is Amari Mawari’s main heroine, Amari.


The Dengeki Daioh magazine covers through its 20 years of publication are also on display along with several pages from the magazine’s various mangas

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Fans can also vote for their favorite Dengeki Daioh heroine. So if you were to visit the museum, who would you pick? Misaka Mikoto? Taiga Aisaka? Last Order? Yukina Himeragi? Koko Kaga? Emilia? Or somebody else?


Finally, the museum also sells some Dengeki Daioh merchandise including Tankoubon compilations of their various manga titles

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The Dengeki Daioh 20th Anniversary Museum can be visited in Gamers Akihabara only until June 8, 2014.

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