When an announcement is made on the live action adaptation of certain anime and manga series, some people get excited while some people groan. After all, there is a chance that the live action adaptation may turn out differently from the source material. Remember Dragon Ball Evolution anyone? Yeah, many of us wish we didn’t.


But what makes some of these live action adaptations disappointing? Japanese women’s lifestyle website MyNavi Women has recently asked people online what are the reasons many of them are disappointing. The poll does not only include the live action movie adaptations but the drama adaptations as well. 617 people (208 males and 409 females) responded and here’s what they had to say:

5) Too much reliance on CGI and special make-up (18.7% of the votes)

4) An original character not from the source material appears (22.2% of the votes)

3) Poor acting (25.4% of the votes)

2) The story is different from the original (35.6% of the votes)

1) Poor casting choices (57.8% of the votes)

According to a 27-year-old woman who responded to the poll, she said that her views on the manga character are ruined because of poor casting. Another respondent, a 40-year-old man said that idols who are often cast in these live-action adaptations are often not interested in the roles therefore resulting to poor performances.

Others also lamented how many live action adaptations tended to veer away from the original story and reach a different ending as stated by a 27-year-old male respondent. A 31-year-old female respondent meanwhile stated that the atmosphere is different when a certain character from the original source material is missing.


When gravure idol Mio Otani was announced to play the role of Sena in the live action of Haganai, many people complained she was not right for the role as her chest was considered “not big enough” by many fans (though many other fans begged to differ). The other cast members, especially Kouji Seto who plays Kodaka, also faced much scrutiny as many Haganai fans called them “glorified cosplayers” and questioned almost all of the casting choices.

haganai live-action 03

The #5 reason, which is the “Too much reliance on CGI and special make-up” may also be attributed to the live action adaptation of Devilman which was overly reliant on special effects and did not focus too much on the story as well as Gatchaman.


Well, all of that aside, not all live action adaptations are bad, the biggest example would be Rurouni Kenshin which many fans embraced because the live action adaptation tried very hard to be loyal to the original source material as much as possible.


So do you agree with what the respondents have said? You can also check out MyNavi Student’s poll on which is the worst live action adaptation of an anime or manga series.

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Source: Mynavi Woman


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