The HGUC 1/144 Neo Zeong from Mobile Suit Gundam UC promises to be one of the largest GunPlas to be ever put on sale in the market and the pre-orders for this monstrosity piloted by Full Frontal have now officially opened.


At 860mm in height when fully assembled, the HGUC 1/144 Neo Zeong truly is a monster of a GunPla and it comes with not one, not two but three pairs of arms as well as a whole arsenal of deadly weaponry and several other gimmicks.

TOY-GDM-2624_02 TOY-GDM-2624_03 TOY-GDM-2624_04 TOY-GDM-2624_05 TOY-GDM-2624_09 TOY-GDM-2624_11 TOY-GDM-2624_13 TOY-GDM-2624_16

This giant monster among GunPla can now be pre-ordered online via Amiami for 18,640 yen and it is scheduled for release late June 2014.

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