The live action mecha series Patlabor: The Next Generation is teaming up with Bandai Namco’s epic fighting game series, Tekken, and  a new key visual from the collaboration features former Hello! project idol and actress Erina Mano as her character, Akira Izumino, but this time, she is not wearing her pilot usual uniform…


If you were thinking Ling Xioyu from Tekken, you are absolutely correct! It is revealed that Erina Mano’s character of Akira is quite fond of fighting games, and with part 2 of the live action series premiering this May 31, 2014, Akira will be seen having a fierce Tekken battle and she will be seen in part 2 fighting as the lovable Chinese fighter, Xioyu.

A limited edition character sheets featuring Akira Xiaoyu will be released on May 31 along with the the second part of the 7-part live action mecha series.

The collaboration is also a part of Tekken’s 20th anniversary celebrations and a quiz poster will be posted in theaters where part 2 will be showing. People who will answer “Tekken-net” will get a special prize.


Limited edition goodies autographed by both Tekken creator and producer Katsuhiro Harada and Patlabor creator and director Mamoru Oshii will be released during the movie’s screenings as well.

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