From hundreds of entries from all over the world, the official Snow Miku 2015 and Rabbit Yukine designs have finally been unveiled during the Hatsune Miku no Jikan (6th Period) broadcast and they show both Snow Miku and her pet sporting the theme of a certain winter flower. 

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The new designs were chosen by the fans themselves and coincidentally, both the new Snow Miku 2015 and Yukine are inspired by the lily of the valley, a flower which grows during mild winters and can survive colder temperatures than most flowers. Good Smile Company and Piapro, which organized this event have announced that the theme for 2015’s Snow Miku will be the plants which grow in Hokkaido during winter and looks like many fans have agreed that the lily of the valley-inspired designs best represent the theme.

Snow Miku 2015 design Winner: Snow Miku 2015 by Taran


Lily of the Valley hair accessories and a snow-drop skirt. Her headset is made to look like white birch flowers. The ribbons all over the outfit are from a Japanese rowan tree. A slightly childish looking outfit.

Rabbit Yukine design winner: : Lily of the Valley Yukine by Hayuki


A warm set of colors to warm up the Winter.

What do you guys think of the new designs?

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