Anime tourism has become very big in Japan as of late, so big that the city of Takahashi in Okayama Prefecture has decided to raise money and fund a new Tenchi Muyo anime series centered around the city in the hopes that anime fans will visit the areas featured in the anime.


The new series, titled Ai: Tenchi Muyo is slated to air starting October 2014 as a series on 5-minute short episodes. Takahashi is planning to raise 16,840,000 yen on advertising expenses for the new series alone. Hiroaki Inoue, who served as the original producer for the original Tenchi Muyo back in the 90’s will be returning as the producer. The series creator, Masaki Kajishima, will also be credited for the new anime as its original creator.

Many of the scenes in the original series took place in Okayama Prefecture and that is what the city of Takahashi is banking on. Other areas like the town Oarai, which was featured in Girls und Panzer, have gained so much from anime pilgrims that Takahashi has decided to raise the stakes and remind people that Tenchi Muyo was based on their area.

Tenchi Muyo was one of the most popular anime titles back in the 1990’s and became quite well known for solving the age-old harem anime/manga problem of which girl will end up with the male lead in the end… by having him marry them all in one of the series’ many possible endings.


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Source: The Sanyo Shimbun


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