Hatsune Miku is great and all, but did you ever wish some of the other Vocaloids could have the spotlight? Marvelous AQL has, which is why they released a trailer for their take on Project Diva starring the virtual diva IA.

In this three-minute trailer for IA/VT -Colorful- (IA Visual Tracks -Colorul-), IA’s voice actress, Lia, gives us an extensive look at the game’s modes, songs, costumes, and music videos. It starts off with the theme song, Inner Arts, composed by Jin.

IA/VT contains over 60 songs, including unreleased works by popular Vocaloid artists, along with familiar and brand-new music videos. Marvelous AQL has also given a closer look at the costumes in the game:

IA/VT -Colorful- comes out for the PS Vita on July 31 and will also be a available in a limited Crystal Box edition.

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