Nippon Ichi Software is finally releasing a new installment to their cult mystery horror series, and it will have something to scare anyone.

The first Hayarigami game was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, and spawned two sequels and several ports, the most recent one, Hayarigami 3, being released in 2009. The newly announced installment, True Hayarigami (Shin Hayarigami) will be released on August 7 for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Just like the past games, True Hayarigami is themed around urban legends, and it takes place in the same universe with the same, dark atmosphere and uses familiar gameplay elements like Reasoning Logic and Courage Points. However, the story and characters are completely new, so even newcomers to the series can enjoy it, and there are new features that will keep long-time fans interested.


The previous games contained several independant stories collected like an omnibus, but in True Hayarigami, there is a single story that branches into different arcs with different cases and different perspectives.

Saki Houjou


The protagonist and a 25-year-old police officer in the C branch of S prefecture. She is incredibly optimistic and gets along with everyone. She secretly has a cowardly side, but she never shows it. She is very good at lying, acting, and psychological warfare.

Soujirou Sekimoto


A 36-year-old former college professor who has done extensive research on folklore, especially urban legends. In the beginning of the story, he is in prison for being a suspect of a murder. He claims to have important information on the case and winds up working with Saki on the mystery.

According to the director and composer Kazuya Takasu, True Hayarigami is a horror game for anyone. That is to say, it has something that will scare anyone, whether it’s murder, ghosts, confinement, brainwashing, bugs, psychopaths, etc. (Yes!) Takasu also commented about the scenario, “There is no happy, tearjerking end. I want tears, but I want them to be overflowing, fear-stricken tears of despair.”

(Caution: Scary pictures below!)

By the way, NIS first opened the teaser site for True Hayarigami on April Fool’s Day, then it slowly changed each day. Were you fooled when you first saw it?

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