Jinbei are a traditional form of house wear in Japan, suitable for lounging at home, a quick trip to the nearby convenience store, or a visit to the local Bon festival. It’s not rare to print a picture of an anime character on a jinbei, so you can rest comfortably in these custom jinbei from Cospa.

The back of this Non Non Biyori jinbei features the funky first-grader Renge and her ever-so-viral catchphrase, “Nyanpasu”. Meanwhile, the front displays Ren-chon and Hotarun with the name of their school, Asahigaoka Branch.


The Kiniro Mosaic jinbei features the spunky British girl Karen Kujou


Both jinbei will be available from Cospa this June for 7,800 yen and are also up for pre-order on AmiAmi.

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