Compile Heart has released the first full trailer of their newly announced PlayStation 4 game, featuring a group of cute idols who must save the world.

Omega Quintet (*ω* Quintet) is an “Idol RPG” centered around a group of five utamiko (song maidens) who must save a world that is ravaged by an ominous force called the “beep”. Since the game is coming from the developers of Hyperdimension Neptunia, you can expect more quirky developments to be revealed.

The video is the extended version of the teaser video revealed last week and gives a closer look at the idols singing and dancing to the song “Inchoate Voice”.


“The story of the utamiko, humanity’s hope in a world headed towards oblivion.”


Otoha (VA: Riho Iida (Rin from Love Live!))

“Hee hee, okay, let’s practice our songs once more!”


Kyouka (VA: Rui Tanabe (Nanana from Nanana’s Buried Treasure))

“I’m just fulfilling my duty…”


Aria (VA: Erii Yamazaki (Roboko from World Conquest: Zvezda Plot))

“That’s right… My name is Aria… I forgot that for so long…”


Nene (VA: Inori Minase (Chino from Is the Order a Rabbit?))

“Awww, s-scary… H-hey, can we go home, already?”


Kanadeko (VA: Moe Toyoda from StylipS)

“Oh, no, I have to talk like an equal. It feels kind of weird and uncomfortable.”

Omega Quintet is scheduled to be released for the PS4 on September 18. Compile Heart has also announced a concert featuring the voice actresses, with details coming in the June 4 episode of Anisuta! TV.

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