When it comes to being one of the greatest traps in anime, many consider Saika Totsuka from Oregairu or My Teenage RomCom SNAFU to be one of the most endearing. The now famous trap dubbed by many as “The Next Hideyoshi” is celebrating her… um… his (?) birthday today, May 9, 2014 and none other than Oregairu creator Wataru Watari is leading the celebrations.


The light novel author tweeted several images from the celebration including this image of fries arranged in a way that it says Saika’s name in Kanji.


He even has a few drinks dedicated to the character he has created.


He even has a special custom cake just to celebrate Saika’s birthday, it’s even full of sparkles… you know, the ones which appear every time he… she… Saika smiles at Hachiman?


My Teenage RomCom SNAFU or more popularly known as Oregairu will be having its second season and it has most certainly made fans very very very happy. Expect that the second season will feature more of the birthday girl boy HIDEYOSHI, Saika Totsuka.


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Source: Wataru Watari official twitter page


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