Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki, the author and illustrator of OreImo, appeared at a talk session at MachiAsobi to announce a manga adaptation of their newest light novel series, Eromanga Sensei.

The manga adaptation of Eromanga Sensei will be illustrated by Kusunoki and serialized in Dengeki Daiou starting on May 27, while the second volume of the light novel will be released on May 10.

Eromanga Sensei was first published last December and tells the story of a high school boy named Masamune Izumi who is also a light novel author. His series is well-known for its risque illustrations drawn by his mysterious, but trustworthy comrade “Eromanga Sensei”. But one day, he discovers the shocking truth: Eromanga Sensei’s true identity is Sagiri Izumi, his shut-in stepsister!


Also, during the talk session, Kanzaki mentioned, “When I first heard the title, I had a very bad feeling.”


Fushimi commented, “I feel that Kirino from OreImo is a pure, innocent girl. This time, the heroine, Sagiri, may seem innocent, but she is quite dirty. I hope readers enjoy finding the differences between the two heroines.” Before the talk session ended, he gave one final comment, “I want readers to think, ‘The title is so embarassing, but I’m glad I read this!'”

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Source: Dengeki


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