The Spring 2014 anime season has shaped up to be an interesting one with plenty of memorable anime titles to watch. Now that the season is already in its halfway point, we here at SGCafe have picked the Top 10 anime for Spring 2014 so far and after hours of deliberation, we have finally agreed which anime deserve to be in the list.

Before we begin, please note that we are only listing new anime which premiered this spring and did not include returning anime so unfortunately, you won’t be seeing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Nisekoi, Fairy Tail, Love Live! and Date A Live in this list. And without further ado, here are our picks for the Top 10 Spring 2014 anime so far:

10) Nanana’s Buried Treasure
Where to watch: Crunchy Roll


This treasure hunting anime offers a lot of twists, turns, hidden treasures, plenty of traps and a trap. Nanana’s Hidden Treasure is full of the adventure, excitement and intrigue you would expect in an Indiana Jones movie, add to that some lovable characters and some mysterious hidden treasure with magical powers. Oh, and did I mention it has plenty of traps?

9) The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou)
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


This romantic comedy slice of life anime about a manor house full of weirdos has certainly captured the hearts of many and offers a much needed break from the action and suspense-heavy series which dominate this season.

8) Blade & Soul
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


It’s a great mix of a memorable cast of characters, great action, a good story and fan service. This tale of revenge may look a bit like Queen’s Blade at first in terms of fan service, but a closer look says otherwise. Let’s just say its fan service ain’t as trashy or as frequent as you might think. Its lovable characters have also captured the hearts of many and its action will leave you at the edge of your seats.

7) No Game, No Life
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


What happens when you take two overly attached gamer siblings who hate going outside into a different world where everything is settled by playing a game? No Game, No Life is certainly a great series thus far with plenty of great moments which will leave you wanting more.

6) Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi)
Where to watch: Netflix (all territories)


This futuristic SciFi mecha anime has come in with a lot of hype and it has most certainly delivered thanks to its mix of action and complex human relationships which is set in the vastness of space. The main antagonists of the series, the Gauna, have certainly presented themselves as a grave threat to humanity and the complex lives of the human characters is certainly worth watching.

5) Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Riddle)
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


While most yuri anime focus more on the relationship between the two female leads and are often lighthearted romantic comedies, this one is definitely not for the weak of heart. The yuri part acts more like a bonus feature to this action and suspense-filled thriller anime about assassins trying to kill one of the main characters, Haru Ichinose. Think of this series as a yuri Danganronpa but you only have to kill one certain person… but that person has a guardian, another female assassin who will do everything in her power to protect Haru.

4) One Week Friends
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


One Week friends is a lighthearted slice of life anime about a girl who loses all her memories about her friends every Monday and the guy who is trying to be her new friend every single week. Yes, I admit, this does sound a whole lot like the movie 50 First Dates (which star Adam Sandler and Dfrew Barrymore), but this anime is worth picking up. Its compelling story and lovable characters are enough to put a smile on your face.

3) Captain Earth
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! …oh, wait, wrong animated series.

Captain Earth may not be saving the world from pollution like Captain Planet, but it is definitely saving the world from mysterious aliens known as Kiltgangs. Because of its title, many fans have joked that its main characters are the new planeteers, but all kidding aside, Captain Earth delivers a lot of action and a great story to boot! Its first episode may perhaps be the most exciting premiere this season and its action sequences and great characters have made it one of the best this Spring, and that is saying a lot because this season is definitely loaded with great series.

2) The Irregular At Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
Where to watch: Crunchyroll



The Mahouka hype train may have slowed down a bit since many fans did not like the premiere episode as much as expected, but the series has picked up pace following its more suspenseful second episode. Its one of the most hyped series this year and so far, it is living up to the expectations. And yes, many watch the series for that lovable little sister with a huge brother complex, Miyuki Shiba who is currently giving OreImo’s Kirino and Yosuga no Sora’s titular character, Sora a run for their money as the top “BroCon Imouto” in anime

1) Black Bullet
Where to watch: Crunchyroll


Great Story: check
Lovable characters: check
Awesome action sequences: check
Suspense: check
A cute and lovable loli character: CHECK!!!! More than one, in fact, there is a whole army of them.

Black Bullet may not have come in with as much hype as our #2 pick, but the series has delivered beyond many expectations as it hits many of the ills of society we still have today like discrimination, bullying and child soldiers. It is definitely worth picking up as the anime often leaves you hanging and wanting more every time an episode ends.

So there you have, that’s our picks for the 10 Spring 2014 anime so far. Do you agree with our list? What other anime do you think should be included?

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