The voice actress of Kirino from OreImo and Leafa from Sword Art Online is releasing her newest single on June 4, but you can hear one and a half minutes of her cute voice now.

Ayana Taketatsu’s fifth single, Wonderful World, is composed by Shuntarou Kobayashi with lyrics written by Kanako Katou, the same duo who wrote one of Taketatsu’s most famous songs, “Rice to Meat You!” (the one that goes “I love beef! I love pork! Rock ‘n’ roast!”). While the new song doesn’t express Ayanyan’s love for meat, it’s still packed with energetic pop tunes.


Wonderful World will be released on June 4 in a standard package (left) and a limited edition (right) with a the full version of the music video above. Taketatsu is also holding a birthday concert on June 22 in Yokohama Amphitheatre, and each copy of Wonderful World will also be packaged with a form to receive a ticket before anyone else.

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