Nitroplus’s Psycho-Pass anime series is getting adapted into an adventure game for the Xbox One, visual novel game maker Mages announced today at an “software for Xbox One” press conference. Two other titles from Mages were also announced to be heading to Microsoft’s latest video games console.



Few details on the Psycho-Pass “adventure game” (what we typically call “visual novels” in English) were given. The only details that were given at the press conference were the game’s production credits, which included Gen Urobuchi and Nitroplus, who will be overseeing the Psycho-Pass game’s story development.

Update: Mages has also released a teaser trailer for the Psycho-Pass game.



Apart from Psycho-Pass, Mages also announced that the latest entry in their Science Adventure series, Chaos;Child, would also be making the leap onto Xbox One. A new PV for Chaos;Child was shown.

Mystereet F

mystereet F

The third and final title that Mages announced this morning was Mystereet F, which is a remake of a 2006 PS2 mystery visual novel that will be released on the Xbox One alongside a sequel, Mystereet 2.

Release dates for the three games were not announced at this morning’s press conference, so it is unknown at this point if any of the titles would come out during the launch period.

Outside of Mages’s Xbox One software announcements, Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One will launch in Japan on September 4, 2014.

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Source: Mages Xbox One press conference via 4Gamer


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