The Unicorn Gundam is a powerful mobile suit which has a full-body psycho frame which allows its entire body to glow a luminescent pink color. Surely making one out of paper would be difficult right? Korean papercraft modeler Rarra1121 certainly took up the challenge and not only made a Unicorn Gundam out of paper, he made a massive one at that and it measures in at approximately 180cm or 6 feet in height.


Rarra1121 has wowed people with his unique Gundam Exia papercraft which came with LED lights to give it a more realistic Gundam look. His follow-up work is most certainly worthy to be talked about.


According to his blog, he used plenty of A4-size paper to pull off such a feat and completing it was really a difficult task. Like his papercraft Exia, he also posted several WIP’s (works in progress) of his unique Gundam art. He used cardboard for its inner frame with plenty of wires to power its LED lights and make its Psycho Frame effect work.

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Yes, just in case you are wondering, this monstrous 6-footer is indeed made out of paper and that makes the degree of difficulty go up as paper is not known to be a durable material.


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The LED lights placed throughout the body give the psycho frame life and its shiny coloration certainly gives off a great illusion that this Gundam is not made out of paper.

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The psycho frame is truly resonating with this one. To see how big this thing is, here’s a size comparison with a human being.


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Source: rarra1121


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