Renowned video game producer Katsuhiro Harada is known for creating the Tekken series and having a huge role in the success of the Soul Calibur series, he is also known for being a huge fan boy of [email protected]‘s resident rich girl, Iori Minase who celebrates her birthday today, May 5.


He is such a huge Iori fan boy that he even changed his twitter name to Iori Minase… awwwwwwwwwww.


With the upcoming release of Bandai Namco’s The  [email protected]: One For All video game for the PlayStation 3 on May 15, 2014, Famitsu has recently sat down with the man known to be one of the biggest names in the fighting game genre and talked about the birthday girl, Iori… he was even wearing an Iori t-shirt and holding her stuffed toy.


In the interview, Harada admitted he had a bit of trauma from [email protected] at first because of a little incident inside an arcade when testing the original arcade version of the game. He then admitted that he grew to love the series as he played the arcade game. He also talked about his relationship with [email protected] producer Junichirou Koyama who he has worked side-by-side with in the past, including that incident where he experienced a bit of trauma.

Harada also admitted that he loved the series so much that he even thought about adding “[email protected] Costumes” in Tekken. When asked if there would be a collaboration with the two series, Harada joked that he has already done an illustration of Iori wearing Xiaoyu’s costume.

In the interview, the legendary video game producer said that he also liked the anime and he even ate a lot of bean sprouts because of the events of the anime’s episode 7 where Iori ate some of Yayoi’s home-made Bean Sprouts. He also thought that the Tekken character of Lili very much resembles Iori in that both girls are born to rich families and have a sort of “tsundere” attitude.

Besides Iori, Harada also said that he likes the character of Yukiho. He joked that she could even be a great fighter. He also said he liked Miki because of her laziness.

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Harada also admitted that he plays Cinderella Girls and that he has become hooked in the game.  And if you guessed that his favorite character there would be Iori Minase, you would be absolutely correct.

Because he changed his twitter name to Iori Minase, Harada also admitted that he shocked a lot of people, especially his non-Japanese followers but said he had a really good laugh out of it. He then admitted to having a lot of Iori merchandise at home and people close to him know he is a big fan of hers.


He then talked about the new [email protected]: One For All game. In the game, you can make your own idol unit so Harada was asked who would he put in his own idol unit. He said that he would put Miki, Yukiho, Hibiki and Yayoi with Iori acting as the group’s center (for obvious reasons). He joked that those four would make great back-ups for Iori. He then showed everyone a picture he drew and it features the birthday girl herself.


Well, let’s just say her chest is a little off, but then again, it’s Katsuhiro Harada who made this.

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Source: Famitsu


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