The studio responsible for the Fate/stay night series has announced that they’re bringing back their hit manga series after seven years.

The announcement was made ufotable’s Ohenro event during Machi Asobi Vol. 12. The new Manabi Straight manga series will be serialized as part of Famitsu’s Comic Clear virtual imprint.

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Manabi Straight takes place in the year 2035, when birth rates have dropped drastically, schools are being shut down, and morale among students is low. The protagonist is a cheerful girl named Manami transfers to Seiou Academy, where she becomes the student council president and works to brighten the lives of the students and teachers around her.

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The first Manabi Straight was written by ufotable, illustrated by Tartan Check, and serialized in 2005 in Dengeki Daioh. It ran until 2007, when it was also adapted into a twelve-episode anime series from ufotable and a PS2 visual novel from Marvelous.

In other ufotable-related news, the studio presented a set of posters showing the characters of Fate/stay night doing the Tokushima Awa dance, while Shaft displayed a parody poster of the Nisekoi characters in the Fate/stay night universe.


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