Renowned Japanese anime and manga store Tora no Ana recently conducted an official Love Live! poll and asked its customers which μ’s member would be the best “Spring Girl”. The poll was asked in all Tora no Ana stores all over Japan and garnered more than 14,420 votes.


Tora no Ana has tallied all the results from their stores and has now announced the official and final results for the poll, which was conducted from May 9, 2014 until June 8, 2014. Here they are:

9) Honoka Kousaka


8) Umi Sonoda


7) Eli Ayase


6) Hanayo Koizumi


5) Nozomi Tojo


4) Maki Nishikino


3) Kotori Minami


2) Rin Hoshizora


1) Nico Yazawa


Final results:


Nico Yazawa Nico-Nico-Niiiiiiiiiiii’ed her way to the top of Tora no Ana’s rankings and cements her as one of Love Live!’s most popular characters as she becomes Tora no Ana’s “Spring Girl”, beating out all the other eight μ’s members.

Meanwhile, #2 ranked Rin upsets many fan favorites like Kotori and Maki who have topped many Love Live! character polls before. μ’s resident tomboy is a lot more popular than she looks and this poll just proves it.

Meanwhile, Honoka, who is usually the group’s center takes last place in the poll, to the shock of many of her fans. Her friend Umi also did not fare too well as the strait-laced μ’s member only takes the #8 spot in the official poll.

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