There would always be many anime series you would want to recommend to others, especially to those who aren’t very familiar with anime. But which specific anime series do you want to recommend the most? The one on the very top of your list to say to your friend that he or she should watch?

Well, Japanese anime website Charapedia asked that same question to their Japanese readers and got a very overwhelming response of 10,000 votes. The online poll garnered a 68.4% male voter percentage while it also had a 31.6% female percentage. here are their top 20:

20) K-On! (99 votes)

19) Hyouka (108 votes)

18) UtaPri (110 votes)

17) Steins; Gate (114 votes)

16) Attack on Titan (117 votes)

15) Magi (119 votes)

14) Hunter X Hunter (126 votes)

13) Toradora! (134 votes)

12) Free! (138 votes)

11) Chuunibyou (140 votes)

10) My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU/ Oregairu (185 votes)


9) Sword Art Online (188 votes)


8) Monogatari Series (218 votes)

kizunamonogatari 2012

7) Clannad (219 votes)

Clannad Gals

6) Kuroko’s Basketball (224 votes)


5) Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (225 votes)


4) Gintama (236 votes)


3) Madoka Magica (252 votes)


2) Angel Beats! (336 votes)


1) AnoHana (420 votes)


Luckily, #1 ain’t Boku no Pico as some people might think (yes, plenty of people are still recommending that one to unsuspecting viewers). #1 actually goes to the tear jerker known as AnoHana and for good reason, the anime can seriously make the toughest of hearts cry out loud one time and make them smile and laugh in another. The anime is full of lovable and memorable characters and it is certainly worth recommending people to.

#2 goes to fellow tear-jerker Angel Beats! which also offers up some unforgettable characters, a great story, and an emotional roller coaster full of laughs, action and tears.

#3 on the other hand is a different kind of story with unforgettable characters and writer Gen Urobuchi shows how brilliant he is in its execution with plenty of twists, turns, and surprises. Gintama, which ranked #4 on the other hand may be the complete opposite of the top three as it provides some witty and comedic scenes which will certainly leave you laughing your head off.

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Source: Charapedia


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