Nisekoi has become one of 2014’s most talked about romantic comedy anime series and with good reason for it has divided its fans into Team Chitoge, Team Onodera, Team Marika and Team Seishirou. Now, Japanese cosplay brand ACos is bringing cosplayers and Nisekoi fans a treat with these new and official Nisekoi costumes based on the female school uniform usually worn by both main girls Chitoge Kirisaki and Kosaki Onodera.


The uniform comes as a set which includes the upper part, the skirt and the tie. The uniform set costs 10,800 yen + tax

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ACos will also be releasing wigs based on Chitoge and Onodera’s hair styles. Chitoge’s long, flowing blonde wig costs 6,800 yen + tax while Onodera’s unique brunette wig costs 5,500 yen + tax. Both wigs are scheduled to be shipped July 2014.

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