GUMI, aka Megpoid, will be celebrating her 5th birthday this year and Bemani is getting ready to make sure every rhythm game fan knows it.

You may know GUMI best as “that vocaloid that looks like Ranka Lee” and Bemani as the creators of Dance Dance Revolution and other great rhythm games, but did you know that the two of them have an ongoing relationship? Now you do, and on June 26, Beatmania is going to kick off the collaboration during their livestream.


In addition you’ll have a new GUMI song to jam out to as you sweat it out on Jubeat, Dance Dance Revolution, Reflecbeat, Sound Voltex, Beatmania Spada, Gitadora, and yes even Poppin’ Rhythm. The mascots even got together to wish her a happy birthday in some special art on the site.


Song include Ten-Faced, Poker Face, Life-Reset Button, Bamboo Sword Girl, and plenty of songs by last note.


Bemani is running a countdown until 10:30 JST on June 25 when they’ll officially kick things off, and may even have a few surprises waiting for fans.


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