For over 50 years, the Tokyo Toy Show has been Japan’s biggest toy event and naturally, big-name companies like Bandai and Takara Tomy would show off their very best offerings to distributors and the general public. This year’s edition however boasted to be the largest ever.

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Held at the Tokyo Big Sight, the event featured 157 participating companies with 1,089 booths in total. The event is so big that over 160,000 people are expected to turn up. The event will be held for four days from June 12-15, 2014 with the first two days dedicated only to buyers while the last two days will be opened for the general public. As expected, the first two days featured plenty of negotiating in the part of the buyers and companies.


New images from the event have also turned up. Here are some of the ones from the Bandai Hobby booth, and as expected, the new Gundam Build Fighters anime series was the main attraction as well as some GunPla. Bandai also announced that they will be releasing some PlaMo from Star Wars as well as other new announcements. They also offered up plenty of Tokusatsu goodies.

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But if you thought Bandai’s offerings were only for boys, you would be wrong as they also offered toys, figures and accessories for the fairer gender.

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The event also featured plenty of Gachapons from various anime, video game and tokusatsu series

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Takara Tomy, Kaiyodo, Megahouse and Hot Toys were also present and also brought their A game into Japan’s largest toy event.

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Source:, images from, Akiba Hobby, and Amiami Blog


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