Idols are a huge part of the anime industry with several series being dedicated to these animated divas alone like The [email protected], Love Live!, Aikatsu, and Wake Up Girls!. These idols are often very attractive and have great voices to compliment their idol status.

Now, Japanese anime character database Charapedia has asked its readers who do they think is the most attractive anime idol of them all. With 10,000 votes and a (rather expected) 75.6% of which are males and 24.4% are females, here are the results:

30) Yurika Todo (Aikatsu) – 88 votes

29) Arisa Meigo (A Certain series) – 95 votes

28) Ringo Kinoshita (No-rin!) – 111 votes

27) Ami Futami ([email protected]) – 159 votes

26) Momo Kisaragi (Mekaku City Actors) – 168 votes

25) Kanon Nakagawa (The World God Only Knows) – 182 votes

24) Azusa Miura ([email protected]) – 192 votes

23) Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)- 198 votes

22) Ritsuko Akizuki ([email protected]) – 210 votes

21) Tsuu Terakado (Gintama) – 221 votes

20) Mami Futami ([email protected]) – 222 votes

19) Iori Minase ([email protected]) – 234 votes

18) Yayoi Takatsuki ([email protected]) – 327 votes

17) Hanayo Koizumi (Love Live!) – 329 votes

16) Hibiki Ganaha ([email protected]) – 378 votes

15) Umi Sonoda (Love Live!) – 380 votes

14) Makoto Kikuchi ([email protected]) – 386 votes

13) Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) – 420 votes

12) Takane Shijou ([email protected]) – 446 votes

11) Rin Hoshizora (Love Live!) – 531 votes

10) Eri Ayase  (Love Live!) – 579 votes


9) Nozomi Tojo (Love Live!) – 597 votes


8) Nico Yazawa (Love Live!) – 648 votes


7) Yukiho Hagiwara ([email protected]) – 659 votes


6) Honoka Kosaka (Love Live!) – 690 votes


5) Chihaya Kisaragi ([email protected]) – 820 votes


4) Maki Nishikino (Love Live!) – 891 votes


3) Kotori Minami (Love Live!) – 918 votes


2) Miki Hoshii ([email protected]) – 968 votes


1) Haruka Amami ([email protected]) – 988 votes


Unsurprisingly, the [email protected] Live!-debate seems to have spilled into the top 12 of these rankings as both series absolutely dominated with the highest ranking anime idol outside the two series being only at #13 (Sheryl Nome). The two series have been neck and neck all throughout their rivalry and it seems like no other idol anime have been considered as a serious challenger to both Love Live! and [email protected]

In the top 30 rankings, only one idol from Aikatsu has made it while none from Wake Up Girls! were ranked. This just asserts the dominance that both Love Live! and [email protected] currently have. Of the 30 anime idols included in the rankings, only eight are not members of either 765 Pro (The [email protected]) or μ’s (Love Live!).


Clumsy girl Haruka and sleepy girl Miki won the top 2 spots for 765 Pro but alpaca-loving Kotori and singer-composer Maki took 3rd and 4th for μ’s. [email protected], took over half the votes in the online poll as they have the most number of members with a vote total of 5,989 for all the members combined.

Who would you have voted for?

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Source: Charapedia


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