Anime have a wide range of genres, and many of them can hit us right in the heart and give us “The Feels”. With that in mind, Japanese anime website Charapedia has asked its readers which anime series has made them cry the most. With a total of 10,000 votes, 61.1% of which are males while 39.8% of which are females, here are their Top 10 anime which made people cry the most:

10) Gintama (140 votes)


9) AIR (141 votes)


8) The Dog of Flanders (143 votes)


7) Space Battleship Yamato (167 votes)

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6) Toradora (197 votes)


5) Madoka Magica (243 votes)


4) K-On! (267 votes)


3) Angel Beats! (339 votes)


2) Clannad (600 votes)


1) AnoHana (1,209 votes)

AnoHana Menma

Now, I know that some of you are thinking “Why the heck is Gintama there?!” right now and that is understandable as the series is more known for their comedic elements and slapstick nature but it does have its tearful moments. The anime can be pretty emotional if it wants to as some die hard fans can say.

Unsurprisingly, AnoHana takes #1 in Charapedia’s list and this is all thanks to that emotional last episode which can make even the toughest hearts cry. Come on, be honest, you just have to have a tissue on hand whenever you watch that last episode.


The #2 and #3 spots go to Key series Clannad and Angel Beats! respectively and rightfully so. Both series have certainly hit people right in the feels and some scenes really tug at your heart? Come on, who hasn’t cried at Nagisa’s death or the episode that centers around Yui in Angel Beats?


#4 ranked K-On! meanwhile also has some tearful moments near the end of the series which gave fans a mixture of emotions from happiness to sadness.

And then there’s #5 ranked Madoka Magica. Let’s just say some of the scenes are just a bit too difficult to swallow for your average human being.

So what other anime made you cry?

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Source: Charapedia


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