Have you ever heard of the Chinese smartphone game Pao Mei (炮妹)? Well, that very game app has recently gained a lot of attention in Japan as it has clearly ripped off not only Kantai Collection but also several artworks from online art community Pixiv.


Pao Mei, which literally means Gun Girl, features similar aspects to DMM’s popular browser game, Kantai Collection, however, instead of only using anthropomorphic warships, the game also makes use of anthropomorphic guns, tanks, and other modern age weaponry.


The game also uses characters that look eerily similar to some of Kantai Collection’s anthropomorphic warship girls. Here is one which has the very same pose as the Battleship Kongou:

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here’s battle damaged Shimakaze and her Pao Mei counter-part:


But the KanColle warships ain’t the only ones which were reportedly ripped off by Pao Mei as the game also featured several artworks taken from Pixiv, and some of the artworks taken feature some very familiar faces. Guess who is the game’s anthropomorphic version of the German VK3001P tank?

vk3001p 32045445_m

If you answered Chuunibyou’s “delusional” main character, Rika, then you are correct. While she may not be a German tank in her anime, she does say a lot of German words for her “spells” and moves. The artwork seems to have been taken from Pixiv member Ha Ten (刃天).

Even Mirai from Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata) was also not spared as she turns out to be the game’s American T-40/M9 Tank Destroyer. The artwork seems to have been taken from Pixiv member Waka’s page.

bc71 40375739_m

Haruka Amami from The [email protected] somehow got turned into a German Panzer III.

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Here are some of the other Pixiv rip-offs featured in Pao Mei:

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Chinese rip-offs of Japan’s anime and video games are not uncommon. One of the most well-known cases is when a theme park in China has created its own RX-78-2 Gundam and said it was a 100% original design.

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