Clara from the J-pop duo ClariS recently appeared in an exclusive phone interview with Gero-san, the host of Fuji TV’s early morning talk show, Mazamashi TV where she talked about many things, including their newly-released third album titled Party Time as well as the fact that her partner Alice has announced her graduation to further pursue her studies.


She told Gero-san that even if Alice will be graduating, ClariS will not be dissolved, an announcement which surely made many fans watching the show breathe a sigh of relief.


Fans all over Japan vividly tuned in during that early morning interview awaiting the announcement whether ClariS will be disbanded or not. They took pictures and even videos of the interview in anticipation of what Clara might say about the future of the J-pop duo.


The announcement that ClariS will not be dissolved may have made fans very happy, but it does make people ask even more questions about the duo’s future. Questions like “Will there be a replacement for Alice?”, “Who will replace her once she graduates?” and “Will she also be a high school student?” are the questions which frequently popped up as fans talked about the Mazamashi TV interview.

Fans generally had mixed reactions however as some said they don’t care as long as ClariS is still there while others are still very sad that Alice is leaving.

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