It was recently announced that the anime adaptation of Fujimi Shobo’s best selling light novel series, Date A Live, will be receiving its own theatrical film. The announcement was made by the anime’s official twitter page and told fans that they will do their best in making the movie.


Kadokawa also streamed the anime movie’s announcement video

The video shows a glimpse of Tohka’s Angel, Sandalphon as well as a text announcing the movie. More announcements about the Date A Live movie will be announced in the future.

So, who are you excited to see on the big screen the most? The Princess, Tohka? The Hermit, Yoshino? How about the Diva, Miku? Or the spirit twins known as Berserk, Kaguya and Yuzura? Or are you excited to see a bit of Yandere with Kurumi? And let’s not forget the Fire Spirit Efreet, also known as Kotori or the AST member Origami.


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