Voice actress Yuka Iguchi is known for voicing various “loli” characters and she is most certainly popular as she has garnered a huge fan following. 

Japanese media website DD Navi has recently went around the Japanese otaku capital of Akihabara (again) and asked people who do they think is the voice actress’s best character. They had a total of 100 responses and here are their results:

5) Yuu Sonoda (Sakura Trick)


This yuri character certainly loves her girlfriend Haruka who she has a make-out session with on a daily basis. She hates studying and loves to eat anything macha (Japanese green tea) flavored. She often gets jealous when her sister flirts with Haruka but is also often understanding. She loves physical education and would often be caught sleeping in other classes, much to her girlfriend’s chagrin.

4) Maho Misawa (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)


This rich girl loves to play basketball with her friends and is certainly very loyal. She is a good shooter and a very determined forward who does not give up and she often shows her male childhood friend a thing or two about basketball.

3) Maria Takayama (Haganai)


This silver-haired “nun” with a huge appetite and innocence with the modern world may be considered a clone of one of Yuka Iguchi’s other roles but she has certainly grabbed a lot of fans’ hearts. Her rivalry with Kobato Hasegawa has been considered one of the cutest things in Haganai and she certainly cares a lot about her “onii-chan”… though she could care less about her real sister Kate who she calls old lady.

2) Tsukihi Araragi (Monogatari series)


One of the “Fire Sisters”, this fiery little sister may be the youngest of the Araragi siblings but she is often considered the scariest as she is known to scare both her big brother Koyomi (who is part vampire) and her big sister Karen (who is a master martial artist). Let’s just get one thing strait, NEVER get her platinum mad or else…

1) Index Librorum Prohibitorum (A Certain series)


This silver-haired nun with a huge appetite and innocence with the modern world is the original and is considered one of Yuka Iguchi’s most popular roles. She holds over 10,000 grimoires in her head and evil people want to get their hands on it, but luckily, she has one reliable body guard who can cancel out magical abilities and esper bowers. She is also considered one of the most powerful characters (potentially) in the series as she has the potential to becoming a magic god herself with the help of her vast magical knowledge. And with powerful characters like Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, Kanzaki Kaori, Leivinia Birdway, Aqua of the Back and Othinus in the same series, that is certainly saying a lot. She is also the only character considered by fans as the only one who main character Touma can never beat… after all, Imagine Breaker cannot cancel out her bites.

So that’s who the people of Akihabara have chosen. Who do you think is her best character? There are certainly many other Yuka Iguchi characters out there.

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Source: DDNavi



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