When it comes to being one of the most loyal and dedicated anime fans on Earth, Girls und Panzer fans rank up there along with Love Livers, One Piece fans, and Madoka Magica fans. These loyal fans have recently shown how loyal they are when they celebrated the birthday of the Angler Fish Team’s resident radio operator, Saori Takebe, by going on a pilgrimage to the Girls und Panzer holy land of Oarai.


These Girls und Panzer fans are so dedicated that they even braved the early summer rain just to celebrate “Saori-chan’s” birthday which was yesterday, June 22, 2014.


The town itself was celebrating as well. They even have a special birthday party party for the tank heroine, complete with a personal shrine and a cake!


The birthday girl even greeted visitors as they arrived to the Oarai train station. She was also featured in many other establishments around the small fishing village which gained much notoriety because of the anime.


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