A new character will be joining the ever-growing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate roster and this time, despite her pretty looks, she ain’t human. The new character is “Female Tengu” (or “NyoTengu” in Japanese) and at 1,018 years of age, she may be one of the oldest DOA characters to date.


Female Tengu belongs to the same mysterious race as Tengu who served as the final boss character for the DOA 2 game and both characters possess several common moves though Female Tengu has several unique ones which mostly involve flying.


She will be the third character added to the game following Swedish “loli” Marie Rose and Kasumi clone, Phase 4. She is scheduled to be released for both the arcade version and the home console version late June 2014. Both Phase 4 and Female Tengu will be available as DLCs in the upcoming June console patch.

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Source:  Famitsu via Event Hubs


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