After a hiatus which lasted for two years and three months, the Hunter X Hunter manga is finally returning to the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump in its Issue No.27 with its 341st chapter titled “Calamity”. Weekly Shounen Jump! issue #27 featured the series’ main character, Gon Freecs in the cover and the words “HE IS BACK”.


The two year and three month hiatus is all due to the author, Yoshihiro Togashi’s recurring health problems, but now, he is finally back. At the very end of the magazine, Togashi gave the Shounen Jump! readers a special message and apologized to them as he has kept them waiting for a very long time. He also stated that he expects a backlash for the long hiatus and he is ready for it and he will do his best.


Togashi, who also created the Shounen Jump! classic Yu Yu Hakusho is know for having poor health and has gone on hiatus plenty of times due to this. His latest hiatus started last March 2012 but he previously returned to make a prequel manga for the Hunter X Hunter movie titled Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge.


Hopefully, Togashi will stay in good health for the remainder of the series as fans have been quite disappointed with the series’ frequent and often long hiatuses. This “backlash” that he talked about in his special message may come from the fans who have waited for so long and became disappointed due to this long wait.

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