At the height of World War II on June 4, 1942, one of the greatest naval battles in history was fought between the United States Navy led by the legendary Admiral Chester Nimitz and the Imperial Japanese Navy led by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. That battle would go down in history as “The Battle of Midway”.


To commemorate the great battle, DMM and Kadokawa games’ extremely popular browser game Kantai Collection tweeted a few tidbits of history about the battle which resulted in Japan’s crushing defeat at the hands of an outnumbered American Pacific Fleet.


The KanColle Staff greeted the many admirals playing the game worldwide a good morning before telling everyone that today is one of the days where the Battle of Midway was fought. They tweeted that search operations for some of the sunken vessels are still ongoing.


They then gave followers a brief history lesson on the fates of three of the game’s most popular aircraft carriers, the Akagi, the Kaga, and the Souryuu, which were all sunk by American carrier-based aircraft. They then talked about the fate of Japanese Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi who heroically went down with the aircraft carrier Hiryuu.

Akagi: heavily damaged by American aircraft before being scuttled on June 5, 1942


Kaga: heavily damaged by American aircraft before being scuttled on June 4, 1942


Souryuu: Sunk by an air attack on June 4, 1942


Hiryuu: Destroyed by a fire before being scuttled on June 5, 1942


It’s really nice to see that this game is honoring the memory of the battle which resulted to many lives being lost. Thanks to games like Kantai Collection, people interested in the history of World War II seems to have increased as of late, don’t you think. But personally, I believe that just remembering that this battle happened is enough to honor all the brave souls who have fought and died in it and KanColle is doing a great job of reminding people.


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