Anime fans are one of the most devoted fans in the entire planet Earth, and one of the most devoted fanbases out there would be idol anime Love Live! whose legions of fans call themselves Love Livers.

As they celebrated the birthday of μs member Nozomi Tojo’s birthday last June 9, 2014, one fan took it a little bit further by experiencing the pain of getting a tattoo of his favorite school idol… and not just any Love Live! tattoo but a rather large tattoo of Nozomi Tojo spread all over his back.


Man, that’s gotta be painful. According to @ Qooalex83, the tattoo is only 30% done when he tweeted the image but admitted he is rather intimidated to get it colored, after all, it’s going to be a very painful experience to get the remaining 70% done. Well, that just proves what a devoted fan he really is. Looks like wearing a Nozomi T-shirt won’t top this feat.

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