The penultimate episode of Love Live! season 2 (episode 12) featured the μ’s going up against the very best school idols in the country in the final stage of the nationwide school idol competition known as Love Live: School Idol Project. Now, the venue for that very event has been identified by fans just a few hours after the episode first aired.


They have identified the Harumi Passenger Terminal, which is near Tokyo Big Sight, as the venue where the Love Live! School Idol Project finals took place. The venue is known for holding outdoor concerts, and many of the Love Livers find it a fitting location for the finals.


The Love Live! fans are definitely getting good at identifying the anime’s pilgrimage spots as they have also already identified the nature park from season 2, episode 2 as well as all the places the μ’s members visited during season 2, episode 11, including the beach where the the episode took an emotional turn.

That just proves that Love Livers are one of the most dedicated anime fans on Earth, even rivalling Girls und Panzer and One Piece fans.

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