Mekaku City Actors is one of the hottest and most talked about anime for Spring 2014, however, as the anime ended with its twelfth episode, its ratings from the Japanese video streaming website, Niconico have revealed that much like its premiere episode, fans were a bit disappointed.


Only 24.0% of the viewers watching via the website thought it was a very good ending while 5.9% said it was just a good episode. 7.6% meanwhile said the episode was so-so and was neither good nor bad, while 7.9% said it was not very good. An overwhelming 54.5% however were disappointed with the final episode.

Mekaku City Actors came into the season with a lot of promise and a lot of hype, with many fans calling it the anime to beat for Spring 2014. But sometimes, all that hype could mean that viewers have very high expectations, and when the series finally premiered, it became one of the lowest rated anime premieres for the season. It however bounced back during the second episode and gained back its momentum. Here are the premiere episode’s ratings:


The anime is based on Jin’s Vocaloid song series, Kagerou Project and it follows the Mekakushi-Dan, a group of youngsters with special eye-based powers.

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