The Fate/Stay Night sequel known as Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is being ported to the PS Vita and Kadokawa Anime has started streaming the upcoming game’s latest PV which takes a look at the visual novel proper as well as the new mini game.

The new video previews not only the familiar Fate characters like Saber, Rin, Rider, Archer, and Sakura, but also new characters like Bazett Fraga McRemitz and new heroic spirit Avenger. It also features the game’s new theme song, broKen NIGHT by Aimer.

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The video also takes a look at the new mini games which will be included in the game like Capsule Servant.

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The game will be released for the PS vita on November 27, 2014. The limited edition release will include a Nendoroid petit Avenger as well as a special Fate/Hollow Ataraxia book. 

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