Sword Art Online II is definitely this summer’s most anticipated anime and the anime’s official website is teasing fans even more by releasing the latest PV which features what people will expect the most with this new arc – gun fights.

Unlike the Aincrad and the ALO, which are RPG games, Kirito enters a whole different ball game in the new Gun Gale Online arc which is focused on a shooting game and puts our hero in unfamiliar territory. Thankfully, he meets one of the best snipers in the game, Sinon, to help him out. The video also lets viewers take a glimpse of the new villain, Death Gun.

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Sword Art Online II is scheduled to premiere July 5, 2014 as and will undoubtedly be Summer 2014′s most hyped anime. Special screenings for the premiere episode will be done in seven countries. The Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California will host a premiere event with SAO creator Reki Kawahara as the special guest on July 4, 2014 while it will be shown during the Japan Expo 2014 in Germany on the same date. It will also have premiere events in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and France.

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