The very first advanced screening for the premiere episode of Sword Art Online II was finally shown, and fans who have seen it are more than excited to talk about the experience. But just after that, Aniplex began screening the anime’s latest trailer which takes a peek at the deadly world of the VRMMO shooter, Gun Gale Online (GGO).


The new video features the new VRMMO while Kirito and Kikuoka are speaking with each other in the background, and talking about Kirito’s mission to catch the series’ new villain, Death Gun, who somehow manages to really kill the people he “kills” online.

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The premiere event was held yesterday, June 29, 2014, and from the reaction of the fans who managed to attend the event, the first episode was pretty well received. Many have admitted to have shed tears of joy as the first episode was screened while some stated they cannot wait to watch it again.

The lucky few who attended the event also received special Sword Art Online II posters which contained the autographs of some of the anime’s voice cast.


Banpresto was also present during the screenings and they even displayed some of their SAO figures.


Other parts of Japan are also gearing up for Sword Art Online II. A special SAO II Ad truck was even seen roaming the streets of the otaku capital of Akihabara, promoting the new season.


The anime’s premiere has even become a worldwide event in of itself. Special screenings for Sword Art Online II’s premiere episode will be done in seven countries.The Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California will host a premiere event with SAO creator Reki Kawahara as the special guest on July 4, 2014 while it will be shown during the Japan Expo 2014 in Germany on the same date. It will also have premiere events in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and France. The anime will premiere worldwide on July 5, 2014.

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